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1. Introductory provisions

The education system operator at the www.jankowitch.com portal is ALEXANDER THE GREAT, spol. s r.o., Lúčky 1532/12, 90851 Holíč, ID 36278416,
Managing Director: Ladislav Jankovič
E-mail: info@jankowitch.com
Phone: +421 948 212 616
which provides sales services and products at www.jankowitch.com.

These Terms and Conditions govern the rights and obligations arising from the provision of services on the www.jankowitch.com portal and the use of this portal.

The user is a natural person using the portal services www.jankowitch.com.

2. Definition of terms

Registration is a set of data that a portal operator requires from a new user to enter the www.jankowitch.com portal and use his or her free or paid services and products. Registration is free of charge and registration is a confirmation of consent to the processing of personal data. By registering, the user agrees to publish his / her personal details (name and surname, email) on the social network Leaderboard and in the BUC HELP system. on the whole jankowitch.com portal.

Registration is a set of data that a portal operator requires from a new user to enter the www.jankowitch.com portal and use his or her free or paid services and products. Registration is free of charge and registration is a confirmation of consent to the processing of personal data.

Credit is an electronic currency on the portal www.jankowitch.com, which can be purchased for the user's needs in the form of points. 1 point = 0.10 EUR. Points in the NDTV Club serve to purchase digital products and services. Points serve to buy / discount when paying for products and services.

3. Method of providing services

3.1 The services provided by www.jankowitch.com are provided exclusively via the Internet. The condition of using the services is registration and acceptance of the VOPP and confirmation of consent to the processing of personal data.

3.2 The User acknowledges that the services provided by the www.jankowitch.com portal require an updated internet browser for faultless operation. All common internet browsers are supported.

3.3 The user acknowledges that all information provided is the Operator's opinion.

3.4 The User declares that in the event of any health complications, even if to a minimum, prior to the use of the Operator's services, during the use of the Operator's services or after termination of use of the Service, the Operator will contact his attending physician and consult his physician for physical activity.

3.5. The user is aware that for any and all damage to the life, health or property of his person prior to the use of the Operator's services, during the use of the Operator's services or after termination of use of the Operator's services, he or she is fully responsible for himself.

4. The way of selling the goods

4.1 Receipt and Ordering, Purchase Agreement

4.1.1 The Purchaser's Purchase Order is a draft Purchase Contract and the Purchase Agreement itself is concluded at the moment of delivery of the Buyer's and Seller's agreed consent with this proposal (by a binding order confirmation by the Seller). Since then, mutual rights and obligations arise between the buyer and the seller.

4.1.2 By concluding a purchase contract, the buyer confirms that he has become acquainted with these terms and conditions, including the terms of the claim, and agrees with them. For these terms and conditions, the buyer is in a sufficient way aware of the order and has the opportunity to get acquainted with them.

4.1.3 The Seller reserves the right to cancel the order or part of it before the purchase contract is concluded in the following cases: the goods are no longer manufactured or delivered or the price of the delivered goods has changed significantly. In the event that this happens, the seller will immediately contact the buyer to agree on the next proceeding. In the event that the Buyer has already paid part or the entire amount of the purchase price, this amount will be transferred back to his account, the purchase contract will not be concluded.

4.1.4 All orders accepted by this store are binding. The order can be canceled before it is dispatched. If the order is canceled prior to shipment and will be dispatched, the customer may request reimbursement of the costs associated with the dispatch of the goods. You are automatically informed about the receipt of the order by e-mail. In the details of each product, even in the confirmation of the order, the delivery time of the non-stock is assumed. Each item displays whether goods are in stock or not. If the goods are not in stock or supplier's warehouse, we will immediately inform you of the next delivery date.

4.1.5 Seller declares that he is not liable for any potential damage caused by the use of the goods or the use of the service by the buyer (in case of ordering goods or services).

4.2 Cancellation of the order

If you cancel your order within 12 hours, we consider the order canceled. You can email or cancel by phone. When canceling an order, you must provide your name, email and order number.

5. Payment for services and delivery terms

5.1 Registration at the www.jankowitch.com portal is free of charge

5.2 The price for 1 point in the NDTV club is equal to 0.10 EUR

5.3 The user can get a discount on services and products if he registers at www.jankowitch.com

5.4 Payments for services may be made by either a credit card, cash or Credit

5.5 The delivery time after the purchase of the Services or the Credit is immediately after a successful electronic transaction

5.6 By ticking the rebate payment, the buyer agrees and is aware of:
• Establish a recurring payment based on the selected time interval
• Payment of payment data on the GoPay payment gateway page
• The amount for a repeated order that is fixed. The buyer is informed of any change in the price for the order and his new recurring payment must be re-approved, otherwise it will be canceled.
• the repayment date the buyer determines himself when making the first repeated payment
• the fact that the change of re-payment can be made by email info@jankowitch.com
• that the repeat payment can be canceled by email info@jankowitch.com

6. Payment for goods and delivery terms

Goods delivered by the UPS international transport service (for delivery to Slovakia and Czech Republic, we use GEIS transport service).

Goods delivered by Geis shipping company.

Shipping, unless otherwise stated, is charged at 3 EUR.

The price includes the option of evening delivery (optional) and telephone contact with the customer, for a possible change of delivery time or place. For some particularly cumbersome, heavy or otherwise poorly transportable products, the shipping cost may be increased. The shipping cost is displayed immediately after selecting shipping methods.

Complaint of the shipment is possible within 3 days of delivery, provided the damage was not apparent when handed over!

WARNING! If the package is visibly damaged or if the protective tape is broken, apply the claim directly to the carrier. Damage arising from shipping is not the responsibility of the supplier. Consignment is usually delivered within the second day of dispatch. The customer is informed by e-mail.

7. Return of goods

How to proceed when returning goods:

Prepare the shipment as described below.

Send the goods you send back to the address as described below by the carrier you have selected.

How to prepare the shipment

The consignment must be complete (including accessories and all documentation) and in the state in which you took it upon delivery. Attach a proof of purchase to the goods. Please always use the wrapping paper or carton so that the packaging can not be patched, described or otherwise damaged during transport. Do not send the goods on delivery, we recommend that you insure the goods. Your money will be returned to your bank account (remember to include it), usually within 3 business days of receipt of the shipment. In case of return, the amount will be reduced by shipping costs (not applicable to complaints!).

8. Warranty

You will always find a tax document in the package. The warranty period begins on the date specified on the document. The warranty period is given for each product in detail. In disputed cases, the warranty period may be extended by 5 (word five) days as a replacement for shipping time.

9. Methods of payment

All forms of payment can be selected prior to picking. All forms of payment are included in the transport price.

cash on delivery- we will send you the goods by post and you will pay the goods by cash to curier.

payment card - We will ship the goods after receiving a payment in our bank account

10. Complaints of Services

10.1 The user is entitled to make a claim after he / she discovers the reason for the claim. The user is required to properly state the reason for the claim or send proof of the error (eg in the form of a screenshot) to the email address info@jankowitch.com.

10.2 An operator shall have the right not to accept a complaint if there has only been a temporary disruption of the service, but not more than 12 hours. If the goods you have received from us are damaged or not working, please follow the complaint procedure. Repayment of the goods due to termination of the contract is described in point 8 of the Terms and Conditions.

10.3 An operator shall be required to decide on a claim within 30 days of delivery.

11. Complaint of goods

How to proceed

In the case of a complaint, you can choose two options, follow the description below: Send product to address - ALEXANDER THE GREAT, spol. s r.o., Kátovská 7, 90851 Holíč, Slovak Republic. The carriage is covered by the seller's side. Once you know when and where we can pick up the shipment, contact us. The consignment must be complete (including accessories and all documentation) and in the state in which you took it upon delivery. Attach a proof of purchase to the goods. Please always use wrapping paper or carton so that the packaging can not be patched, described or otherwise damaged during transport. Do not send the goods on delivery, in which case the goods will not be taken over. We recommend that you insure the goods. Immediately after receiving the goods, you will receive a complaint report. The goods must be properly packed for transport so as not to cause further damage. Wrong or damaged goods will be replaced or the purchase price will be refunded. The goods must be accompanied by all the documents received by the purchaser of the goods, such as paragons, warranty letters and others. The seller does not assume responsibility for damages resulting from the operation of the products, functional properties and damages caused by improper use of the products, as well as damages caused by external events and misconduct. Defects of this origin are not covered by the warranty. The goods are only cleansed properly for hygienic reasons. If the manufacturer provides a longer warranty, this is stated in the catalog catalog. Claims for declined claims may be charged for claims and handling charges. You will be informed by e-mail or SMS about the equipment of the complaint. As with the delivery of the order, you will be informed of the package expedition and the delivery date. Thank you for the time you spent reading business terms.

12. Rights and Obligations of the Operator

12.1 The Operator undertakes to use all available means for the error-free functioning of the www.jankowitch.com Learning Portal, but does not guarantee faultless operation and hidden errors.

12.2 In the event of any damage caused to the Provider as a result of a user's fault, the Operator is entitled to recover damages from the User.

12.3 An operator is entitled to technical shutdown of the portal without prior notice.

12.4 The operator has the right to reimburse for the services provided according to the valid price list.

12.5 The Operator shall, in accordance with the provisions of Act No. Personal Data Protection 122/2013 undertakes to protect the personal data of all users.

13. Rights and Obligations of the User

13.1 The User undertakes to use the www.jankowitch.com Portal only for dedicated purposes.

13.2 The user has the right to deliver the services after payment of the full amount according to the valid price list.

13.3 The user is required to protect his / her access data in the system to avoid abuse.

13.4 The user is aware that the purchased services are subject to Act No. 618/2003 on copyright and rights related to copyright. Unauthorized copying, duplication, or other copyright infringement is prohibited.

13.5 The user has the right to cancel the sending of advertising emails.

14. Copyright

14.1 The User is entitled to view and retrieve materials from the www.jankowitch.com portal only for personal, non-commercial use and provided that all copyright and proprietary notices contained in the original materials and all copies of the materials are adhered to. The user is not permitted to modify, publicly display, display, distribute or otherwise use the materials from this portal for public or commercial purposes in any way. The use of materials posted on www.jankowitch.com is prohibited on other websites without prior agreement with the operator. The materials on the portal are protected by copyright. Unauthorized use of the materials at www.jankowitch.com is a copyright infringement that has both civil and criminal consequences.

14.2 The User is not entitled to copy or distribute any materials obtained by purchasing on this site, so he / she may not use the materials for their enrichment.

14.3 The user is not authorized to provide his or her login information to a third party.

14.4 The user is not entitled to allow others to view his purchased courses.

14.5 The Operator reserves the right to block the user's account in violation of any of the items 14.1, 14.2, 14.3 and 14.4 of this paragraph.

15. Safety

15.1 When paying with credit cards, the user may not be afraid of abuse. We use a verified 3-D secure payment gateway supported by card associations. All internal information (passwords, names, operation) are encrypted. For speeding, general information (service item information) is not encrypted.

16. Privacy policy

16.1 The protection of the purchaser's personal data, which is a natural person, is governed by Act no. 122/2013 Z.z. as amended.

16.2 The User agrees to process the following personal data: name and surname, home address, e-mail address and telephone number (all as "personal data").

16.3 The User agrees to the processing of personal data by the Seller in order to realize the rights and obligations arising from the Purchase Agreement and to maintain the User Account. If the user does not choose another option, he agrees to process the personal data with the seller also to send information and business announcements to the user. Consent to the processing of personal data in full under this Article is not a condition that would not allow the conclusion of a purchase contract.

16.4 The User acknowledges that he / she is obliged to state his / her personal details (when registering, in his user account, in the order made from the web interface of the store) correctly and truthfully and that he is obliged to inform the Seller of any change in his or her personal data without undue delay.

16.5 By processing the user's personal data, the vendor may assign a third person as a processor.

16.6 Personal data will be processed indefinitely. Personal data will be processed electronically in an automated manner or in a printed form in a non-automated manner.

16.7 The user confirms that the personal data provided are accurate and that he has been advised that this is a voluntary provision of personal data.

16.8 Should a user believe that the seller or processor (Article 12.5) carries out the processing of his / her personal data contrary to the protection of the private and personal life of the user or in contravention of the law, especially if personal data are inaccurate with regard to for the purpose of their processing, may:

16.8.1 require the seller or processor to clarify,

16.8.2 require the seller or processor to remove the resulting condition.

16.9 If a user requests information about the processing of his / her personal information, the seller is required to provide this information. The seller is entitled to request a reasonable compensation, which does not exceed the costs of providing information, to provide information under the preceding sentence.

17. Contradictions with the purchase contract - general information

In the event that the item is not in conformity with the purchase contract in the case of a takeover by the buyer (hereinafter referred to as the "Contracts with the Purchase Agreement"), the Buyer has the right to bring the matter free of charge and without undue delay to the condition of the corresponding purchase contract, buyer's requirements either by replacing the item or by repairing it; if such a procedure is not possible, the buyer may request a reasonable discount on the price of the item or withdraw from the contract. This is not the case if the buyer knew, prior to taking over the case, the contradiction with the purchase contract or the contradiction with the purchase contract itself. A conflict with a purchase contract that occurs within six months from the date of receipt of the matter shall be deemed to be a breach existing upon its receipt unless it is inconsistent with the nature of the matter or unless proved otherwise.

We provide the warranty period for the goods provided by the law.

18. Consumer's right to withdraw from the contract

18.1 If the purchase contract is concluded by means of distance communication (in the online store), the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of the goods. In such a case, the consumer contacts the seller and best describes in writing that he is withdrawing from the contract with the order number, purchase date and money account number. Money can also be returned in cash at the company's headquarters. Withdrawal from the contract must be delivered no later than the last day of the 14-day period. In special cases, the period of return may be extended, taking into account the circumstances, but not longer than 30 days after delivery.

18.2 However, this provision of the law can not be understood as the possibility of free rental of goods. In the event of the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of taking over the consumer, the consumer must give to the supplier all that he has obtained on the basis of the purchase contract. If this is no longer possible (for example, in the mid-term, the goods have been destroyed or consumed), the consumer has to provide a cash refund in return for what can no longer be issued. If the returned goods are only partially damaged, the seller may claim a claim for damages on the consumer and offset his claim to the returned purchase price. In this case, the seller is required to prove the damage incurred. In this case, the seller returns only the reduced purchase price.

18.3 The seller may additionally offset the purchase price to be returned to the buyer for his actual costs of returning the goods (transport costs and so on). The consumer has no right to withdraw from the contract, in the case of contracts:
- for the provision of the Services if, with their consent, they were started before the expiry of the period of 14 days from the receipt of the fulfillment,
- for the supply of goods or services the price of which depends on financial market fluctuations, irrespective of the seller's will,
- for the supply of goods modified according to the buyer's request or for his person, as well as goods subject to rapid perishability, wear or obsolescence, - for the supply of audio and video recordings and computer programs if the buyer breaches their original packaging,
- for the delivery of newspapers, periodicals and magazines consisting of a game or a lottery.

19. Recommendation system

19.1 Each registered member of the Body Under Control team (the Referrer) may share the products and services provided by www.jankowitch.com via its own reference url link.

19.2 After registering a new user via this reference url link and then purchasing the products and services of the www.jankowitch.com portal, the referent will be credited with a certain amount of the total amount paid for the products and services in the form of points.

19.3 After reaching a certain number of points for recommendation (by personal agreement of the ALEXANDER THE GREAT, Ltd.), the Referee may claim the amount of points according to Formula 1 point = EUR 0.10. Upon exceeding the minimum annual non-taxable amount, the referent is required to invoice this amount to ALEXANDER THE GREAT, spol. Ltd. through its trade, a limited liability company, or a joint stock company.

19.4 If a user is registered at www.jankowitch.com but is not a member of the Body Under Control team, he may collect points for a recommendation but is not entitled to pay the amount. Points can be used to purchase products and services at the www.jankowitch.com portal.

19.5. Upon the expiry of the Body Under Control Teame membership, the user will also be entitled to the payment of the sum received from the Referral System.

20. Final provisions

20.1 These General Terms and Conditions shall apply as stated on the Provider's Internet site on the date of dispatch of the electronic order, except as otherwise agreed between the parties.

20.2 The Provider reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions and the obligation to notify in writing changes to these General Terms and Conditions is fulfilled by placing at the Provider's internet site.

20.3 By submitting an order through the internet site to the Provider, the User shall without reservation accept all provisions of the General Terms and Conditions as in force on the day of dispatch of this order.

20.4 Relations between the two parties, which are not governed by these General Terms and Conditions, are governed by the relevant provisions of Act no. 513/1991 Coll. Commercial Code, Act No. 108/2000 Z.z. on consumer protection in the case of store and mail sales, Act no. 250/2007 Z.z. on Consumer Protection and on Amending the Act of the Slovak National Council no. 372/1990 Coll. on offenses and other related legislation, as amended.

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