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Diagnostics and Consultations are the foundation of our clients' success. The most accurate comprehensive body diagnosis is the stepping stone to a high quality and fulfilling life. While KETOEXPERT and MET-UP is a comprehensive service that includes a diet consultation and focuses on optimizing and efficiently speeding up metabolism.

VITAMINS 32 products

Vitamins are the mainstay of all nutrition. The first thing a person should deal with in their diet is the lack of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Because without these micronutrients, not all other food supplements can work.

VITALITY 27 products

Each of us sometimes needs to replenish energy. Appropriate dietary supplements can relieve us of fatigue, exhaustion and start us up after a hard workout. This is the right recipe for managing everyday responsibilities from the hustle at work, movement or at home. Get ready for the challenges of the next day!

WEIGHT LOSS 15 products

We strive to lose weight as quickly, easily and efficiently as possible. Often then we get caught on suspicious diets and "girly advice." How do you know that you are following the weight loss process correctly, efficiently and whilst healthy? Be sure to remember our dietary supplements. They'll help you to your dream figure.

BODY 23 products

The body is worn by constant overload, not only in sport but also in everyday life. In this section you will find quality supplements that will help you not only with continuous body regeneration, but also with nutrition for joints, tendons, nails, hair and so on.

SPORT 18 products

Sports nutrition, sports nutrition supplements, or simply supplements - these are all formulations designed to help improve performance, vitality and strength. Our products also meet strict anti-doping criteria.

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FOOD 8 products

Healthy lifestyle focuses on quality nutrition, which is easily digestible for our organism and is enriched with important vitamins and minerals. Especially suitable are so-called "superfoods", which are the most suitable for their health in their composition and nutrient content. These foods should be part of our daily diet.

Wear 21 products

Quality workmanship, comfortable materials and modern cut. These are the main benefits of the latest Jankowitch Wear collection.

OTHER 32 products

In this section you will find artworks from the Jankowitch® collection, gift items and affordable quality accessories.


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