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A true story is worth a thousand words

Ladislav Jankowitch has moved the nutrition and fitness counseling to a completely new level. A professional level. These services, I prefer, use and recommend. N.W.

General references


Before visiting the cabinet I had problems with menstrual cycle and overweight. After consulting and adjusting the diet, I started to lose weight and my menstrual cycle changed. I am absolutely satisfied with Jankowitch's services. Since May 2017 to July 2018 I have lost about 32 kg using METUP diet and I feel great.


In short term:
Age: 53
Lost weight: 28kg
Loss in muscles: 1kg / at the time of the diagnostics, now I have more, and no fat gained... the process goes on
Clerk, 12 hours a day sitting job, during the transformation no exercises only 10 minutes walk from work to bus stop
Initial phase: 3 months strict and ketogenic diet - “mine” and 2 months no change and any lost weight.

The body had to be noticeably regenerated and strengthened. 
/ radio-activated radiation removal of thyroid, strong and excreted migrants, unwell, weakened organism /
…..if the metabolism is not good, forget about the good and quality weight reduction.
Next hunger in series “diet” and liquidations of organism, don't wait that from me nobody…please
If you expect a straight and serious approach, then I will be happy to give to you, but don't expect the results “tomorrow”

Now: Alena`s change in condition, feelings and health correspond at least to what is seen on the photos.


Last week our "luck" was half year old...
And when we look at her-our amazing Miuška-we can not help but thank you Laci and your whole team.
After having gone through a long journey when I had three miscarriages over 3 years and tried out possibly and impossible, went from a doctor to a doctor, we found our way through our friend Anička. From the very beginning, we have had full confidence in you because your professional attitude, as well as a human approach full of understanding and motivation, convinced us of the correctness of our decision.
I do not claim that it was  "easy" to endure strict diet, but the fact that I feel pregnant in the 20-days, that  was the first amazing outcome. This has only confirmed the correct way that we have gone through with you. And all the other weeks of gradual diet adjustment, setting the right regime that I tried to observe even in the hospital proved that today we have the most amazing creation.
Thank you for what you are doing, thank you for how you do it, thank you for what kind of person your are :-)


After 32 years of gout under control :-)

I have to praise my self :-)  With the client we manage the day (based on the allergy to meat ... complete everything I test), which was already in the stage that every 3 days unbearable point of pain on the brush in all the joints of the body.  
After x therapies ... Managing of course, the primary allergy to meat, resulting in metabolic defects, etc. we found ourselves quite quick at the stage where the client had only dull feelings in joints in the past 3 months and only once a month. Over 2 years of handicapped finger on hand, which was already stiff, is again fully recovered. And the client basically said good-bey to his finger :-)

Be fit!!!

Anonym 2

Gender: Woman
Age: 67
From 18.04. to 18.06 in faze 3 /ketogenic diet/
From 18.06. to 17.07. in faze 2 / already out of ketogenic diet/

Before starting therapy I had problems with sleeping. I used to sleep 1, 2, 3 hours a day, after 3 weeks the sleeping improved, I don't wake up through the night and I sleep all night. Adjusting my diet and with the help with the individually set regime I have lost 15 kg in 3 months. I feel good and move better.

Anonym 3

“…this time I started doing it fully and of course with good advice from you :-) 
The transformation little bit later but after all :-) thank you”


“It's a great program. I feel great. In the field of lifestyle, I am undergoing a dramatic change that is motivated by my own observation of results. Without consultation and under supervision, I would probably not have done this or would have made it too late. When I heard someone talking about proper nutrition diet in the past, I thought of them as “fools”. Today I read on the products what they contain. I have not eaten my favorite food - bread, sweets - for 2 months. And it goes without effort, because I'm starting to understand what's right in nutrition. It is an understanding translated into practice. Today, thanks to the program, I know that I will get to my long forgotten weight of 90 kg and that forgotten mysterious dreams, such as skydiving, which can not be done with 135 kg. Today I have 123 kg after a month and I have the best condition in the last 10 years. ”


I came to Mr. Jankovič on December 18, 2014 with big joint pain. My problem was rheumatism. After the first therapy, I dropped unappropriated food for me. After a week of therapy, my pain eased and I could stand without being tired and with swollen ankles. And I forgot to add that my weight was 91.2 kg and I weigh 85 kg after a month of treatment. So a big plus for me and thanks to Laci.


Erika /-25kg/ I met yesterday in gym after few years and I almost past out :-)
She came to me long time ago, lost some weight but she didn't follow it through.
After few years she took the advice what we discussed and she made it.
Congratulation :-)

Eva Pospíšilová

Hi Laci
Some time ago, in our family, we decided to change our lives in terms of lifestyle and because we do not believe in chances, and we fall in to you - it was certainly no coincidence!
I've had dozens of unsuccessful diets over my entire life where I have often been very troubled, and finally, what I lost, I had a back and something more.  At the same time, I always struggled with running or in the gym, which I did not like and it was a fight - every day to run or strengthen - because "I must”.  And how is it now with your help? I lost 4 clothes sizes - playfully, and don't even know how (from 44 to 38). 
Without suffering, any hunger and self-denial. And it was not necessary to do any running or other sports activities that never really impressed me. Also, you put in order the weight and lifestyle of my husband and son.

And surprisingly at the end - I finally enjoyed running (!!!) and I look forward to it every day.  It is not running like running. I am 52 years old and my body and condition can be envied by lots of women even 30 years younger then me, I'm sure.  I also have a lot more vigor and energy, my body no longer has to worry about tiring digestion, I do what my body benefits and I don't have to bother my body. 


"At first I didn't know anything about Laco. Perhaps only that he helps people to  lose weight. But I didn't want to loose weight much. My problem is that I can't get pregnant for years.

On the initial consultation Laci said that he could help me and will succeed. I must say that after 4 unsuccessful artificial insemination, he sounded brave enough. Unexpectedly, just out of curiosity, I decided to work with Laco.

 There were heavy weapons at the beginning. Drinks, special exercise, jogging with the dog. We met every week. He helped me with the spine, listened to me a lot, advised me, made measurements. Ketosis appeared….I was feverishly searching on the net for a thread to know what was happening. I've been working this way for over two months. Laco was satisfied. Me too. Until I got menstruation. I thought something was wrong and it raged that I had so carelessly done this dangerous experiment. However, menstruation did not come and I decided for a pregnancy test. I had an incredible shock. It was positive! 

Today I have the first photos of ultrasound and I continue to consult Laco. I believe that even with his help everything will go well.

Finally a message for you: Trust Laco! He knows what he's doing. 
And for you Laci: Thank you so much :-)


Before Cabinet's first visit, I felt tired, weak, joint pain. 
I had the feeling that I was bloated even from pure water. My digestion didn't work as it should. After the initial diagnostics when Laci told me I have lack of vitamins, minerals and loaded a variety of intolerants, I said to myself I do not know how Am I gonna be. Of course he helped me and told me what is what.  This detox phase was the hardest for me. At the first check up, I had a therapy that made me feel better. This was repeated after each therapy, with the intolerance being gradually released and then gradually added to the menu. Now I can eat almost anything, don't feel tired or weakness. My digestion works incomparably. I enjoyed every visit to the Cabinet, not even because I will feel better but of course for super team as well, which I thank so much.


Ketogenic diet aka Jankowitch a past two months she killed the gym with Patric…. Obviously a functional combination Patric…..what would you say …:-)


I am 29 years old, I went to doctors until Bratislava, nobody could find anything and it was the same for more than half a year.  
Quick heartbeat, bad breathing, a few minutes of work and I was tired as if I had been working 24 hours. My sports season was gone. I have visited cabinet Jankowitch, check up and even therapy. Lots of harmful substances - intolerance has been found than at doctors. Everything was divided in detail to me as it is and how it can be solved. After check up came the therapy. It helped me in physical side but also mentally. It is different if person know what is wrong with him and not drowning in fear that nobody knows how to help. Big thank you to everybody in cabinet for pushing me into a new sports season and big thanks to you Laci for providing incalculable help when it comes to health. It was a good feeling to start again with what I enjoy and that is thank to you. Thank you again.


So we go back to the past everything started years ago, I suffered diarrhea 10 times a day, blood in stools about, convulsions, loss of appetite, weight loss. I started to visit my doctor in Ledec nad Sázavou, he could not help me. I was referred to a higher workplace in Havlíčkův Brod. After several colonoscopies no conclusion, treatment did not work. Depending on the higher workplace in Kolín, here in 2 years to have an idea ... 4x colonoscopy, magnetic resonance, stool collection, 50x blood collection, urine.

Sampling from the intestines, stomach, etc. I have not mentioned other problems yet, except for intestinal problems, my gums began to swell, my lips all the way round with blood. The visits of the dentist did not help, he said it is allergic reaction. By the way I was hospitalized three times during the year due to swelling of her gums and lips. Treatment of antibiotics, corticosteroids. Result? Released with the fact that they can not help me that only corticoids can be used, but they do not recommend it. I have had to try the place in Prague. So in the years to come, a complete examination at the Alergologist in Havlíčkův Brod. Recommended visit to the Military Hospital.

Of course as you understand trip by bus somewhere at that time or outside of my home without charcoal or imudion was not possible. Working abroad can only be done with the medications on the intestines. How do you think the body treated for 3 years can regularly look like smear, endiaron, charcoal and corticoids? So after visiting in Prague, I recommend another colonoscopy and calcium tablets, which I have already taken in the time. So I tried everything possible, even bought from desperation growth hormone, anabolic, vitamin clouds, Aloevera, Lepicol, etc …

Still problems of intestinal and allergic character, often used to treat diarrhea until now. I started  keto diet - MET UP after the advice of the well-known nutrition adviser Mr. Jankowitch, of course I did not believe anything would change. The weight in the consultation was 92kg. After 5 weeks on keto diet I lost about 2kg as planned, intestinal problems almost disappeared. Today I have a regular stool, no cramps, I get weight again after years and I can work.

Weight now 97kg. Let's see what's next. I discarded and restricted the food according to his recommendations. The diet simply works. Otherwise, my diagnosis is an irritating torturer, an autoimmune disease with food allergy. I strongly advise you to consult your health and nutrition issues with Mr. Jankowitch. It can help. Today, I've been drinking DTX TEE detoxifying tea and other vitamins recommended to me for the classic diet.


I am visiting cabinet Jankowitch since 1.12.2014. Since then I have lost 10kg and especially internal fat even in difficult time like Christmas, balls, party and the birth of my granddaughter. And I note without any exercise ( muscles up, fat down). For a lifetime I have tried so many diets. Now I am 100% sure that this way is the best way I ever knew. I feel more healthy, happy and I never want otherwise. Thank you for that and I recommend it to everybody.

Jiří Horňák

It's about a year since I came to the cabinet from recommendation of a friend. I had a lot of questions and expectations in my head about improving my health. For more than 20 years, I have been treated with Crohn's Disease, which has been partially maintained in the standard with medications often with many side effects. And the doctors' statement, "That's until death, you will not get rid of it." After my first visit to the Cabinet and an interview with immediate, knowledgeable and experienced, motivated, Ladislav Jankovič, I decided to have regular therapies and consultations. Just 14 days after the recommended diet, my digestion improved by 100%. The journey was not easy, but when you have a strong will, determination and, in my case, the support of a great person who knows what he is talking about, anything can be done. Annual cooperation has paid off. This week I received the desired rewards from the doctor in the form of dropping Prednison powder after about 17 years of use.
So, once again huge thanks to Laci and the whole team.


After diagnostics and setting up the diet,  in a few days problems with digestion (flatulence, diarrhea, abdominal cramps) has stopped.  After several therapies, the red-faced red spots (which had been treated with limited corticoid ointments) gradually began to calm down.  I started to feel better even with a higher physical load (clogging has disappeared completely, eg when rolling down hills on a bicycle). Beside that bonus 7 kg down. :-) Big thank you.


Hi…I am sending photos before and after, after nearly a months being on your online healthy diet plan and hard work at the gym. I am so happy how it went…I have eliminated all the allergens, ie meat, eggs…


Hi Laci. Exactly Friday, May 13th, I started with Your or my new diet and all I regret is the fact that I didn't call you earlier. I very much regret it because within a months there has been a lot of changes in my body. Even after 4 days I noticed the first results.  After 3 weeks, I was approached by people in the gym what I had changed so radically that I am getting pretty figure. Not only one women in gym I gave recommendation for you because you are the best.  
You still have a lot of admiration from me, and I'm cheering you on what you're doing. For your interest, I am sending few pictures to compare (btw. I do not weight my self, so I do not get frustrated if I gain any weight :-)


Since half of January  Jankowitch team is looking after me and my diet MET UP. I lost 16 pounds. For the first time in my life I have to put my thumb up. The approach and my choice of dieting made me so happy and the weight went down alone. Unbelievable. Now I'm in the 2nd phase, weight is still  going slower.  I'm happy now, and other people praise me very much, and I'm grateful for it. Thank you and I just keep going.


….good evening I write to you that I took on your 60 days challenge on the belly and I have to say I did have a doubts that in that short period it is possible. I still have two training days under my plan. I started 16.4. and I have to praise my self, it is amazing and people are asking me how is it possible and what do I do with my self. Six pack is appearing haha, I smack my hat down in front of you. If you will interested I will send you another photo of me before and after. Big thank you…”

Check this successful tabata for your stomach and even you can slim down for the summer.


I would like to thank for the incredible transformation of my life. I always thought that if I lost 120 kg I would be the happiest. And thanks to you and your advice I found out that it is possible and without any major obstacles and properly motivated that you do not see the problem. I didn't believe it either, but now I have to just apologize for not believing and thanking you and your super team that you helping so strongly people as desperate as I was. Just big thank you cabinet Jankowitch.


59 days - 10kg down
weist - 15cm down
hips - 11cm down
bottom - 11cm down
thigh - 5cm down


Month past and to contacted you was for me the best decision. I regularly eat how it was advised and also regularly exercise. I like it very much and I feel great. Well not only I can see the change but I feel it too and that is thanks to you. You are the best, thanks.


I am suffering from inflammation in my knees. Repeatedly pulled out water from my knee. I decided to solve it and because my friend just went through the detoxification of the body by Jankowitch and I saw what amazing changes she was going through, so I decided to have a diagnostics done. I am in the early stages, but thanks to the diet and advice and all the stimulant I feel much better now. I would like to thank Darina Kabátová for her motivation, support and understanding of how the body works and how it reacts. I would like to thank Darina for her personal approach, patience and dedication to help me.


October 2013 - 72kg
October 2014 - 63kg


Less than 3 years ago in December, my health problems began - day-to-day abdominal cramps and diarrhea. I attributed it to school stress, but even after the exams period, my health did not improve. Doctors have found ulcerative colitis and have been given corticosteroid therapy and another 5 concomitant medications. My health has improved, but gaining weight has been a side effect. After 2 months, we stopped corticosteroids, but I still took 3 other medications every day. I was so deprived of lifetime pill treatment. In September, my condition worsened again, my abdominal cramps started, diarrhea got worse, and blood in my stools was added. Doctors re-introduced corticosteroid therapy, added medication to reduce immunity and recommended vaccination against various diseases. At this point, a turning point has come to me and I have started to find out if there is a better way to a life without problems than the permanent pill treatment. At that time my friends recommended me to visit Cabinet Jankowitch. Laci dealt with my way of life and eating, helping me understand the nature of my illness and guiding me on the path to proper nutrition and eating. At first, it wanted a great deal of self-denial to manage the change in nutrition, but right after the first 2 months of my visit to Laci, my health improved significantly. I gradually dropped out all the pills, followed the recommended diet, and was incredibly satisfied with the result - I felt very good on the health side, my stool was regular, without cramps and blood. The modified diet ensured that I was full of energy and my weight was adjusted. I have been visiting the Cabinet for 2 years and I do not regret this decision. I have completely discontinued the medication during consultation with the doctor. Even with ulcerative colitis, or chronic disease, something can be done.


I would very much like to share my experience and the very positive result of the Jankowitch Cabinet, which has essentially changed my life. I had digestive problems since my childhood, I suffered from stomach pains and had diarrhea, I can say regularly. 
I have undergone various examinations, both in a hospital under the supervision of specialist physicians (including gastroscopy, several ultrasound, treatment, etc.) and alternative therapies of various kinds. I really tried everything. Nothing and nobody ever really helped me. I already gave up my efforts when I came across good references to Cabinet Jankowitch. 
I was thrilled with a friendly approach. However, with my experience I did not believe that someone could really help me. After the first visit I found out that I had intolerance to a lot of food. So I tried to skip them. For the first weeks I felt horrible, and I felt like I was crashing and something was wrong again. After three weeks, after the recommendation of the diet I stopped having such intense problems. It's been more than two months today and I no longer have intestinal problems, and I have no diarrhea after years! I adhere to the exacting eating habits and I am really well. I'm very grateful for that. 
Another and even greater benefit and a huge thank you for having been with my 4 year antidepressant treatment. I am only 22 years old and already at this age I had a weakened liver and kidney circuit. I felt mentally well for more than a year, but I just couldn't drop the pills. I've tried myself several times. I had great migraines and feelings of weakness and I couldn't function without them. I came to the Jankowitch Cabinet with my digestive problems and I did not mention about my other problem. On the second visit to Laci, something just didn't fit and he figured it out. He was willing to help me immediately. After 4 years, I finally stopped antidepressants. Even after the last visit and therapy, I was even significantly lessened by the withdrawal symptoms. And that really makes me feel priceless. I want to cry when I realize what step I made for myself and that someone could really help me.

My huge, actually the biggest thanks to Cabinet Jankowitch!


I do not know how to say it. I'm glad I'm back in the program. I always get the answers I need. It's 48 hours today, which I am on MET-UP DIET. It is true that I have unnecessarily dramatized weight loss, but I feel great at last. It's amazing that I have the energy to give away. I'm not irritated and I'm not hungry at all. And what's  the best about it my feet don't hurt at all ... I had problems with that. I feel like a 100 kg weight dropped off my legs :)).


I am 24 years old and already at the age of 19 I experienced gynecological problems. First it was a cyst, then endometriosis. Over the summer, I decided to stop taking the contraceptive pill, because I began to experience their adverse effects and even during their use, menstruation did not occur. However, after their withdrawal, menstruation still did not come. At the checkup, my doctor announced another diagnosis: polycystic ovaries. The doctor advised me to take the contraceptive pill again, but I did not agree. When I complained to Laci, he immediately had a biorezonance therapy solution for me. I was impressed when on the evening of the first therapy menstruation appeared after about half a year. The best thing is that the therapy was completely painless. I thank Laci for his interest, suggested solution and therapy. 


I have been visiting Laci over a year and I am very glad thad I had the opportunity to meet him. Thanks to the wonderful approach I learned to live, but mainly to eat differently. I feel much more energetic, I eat what I like, I do sports what I enjoy and it has a great influence on my psyche. I came to Laci mainly to feel good again in my life. And that's what happened because of the wonderful approach. And also the plus is that I am 8 kg down. 
Girls from cabinet are great! I feel here like at coffee not at therapy. Thanks to the whole team.


I have migraines for about 18 years. At first, they were just headaches, but they gradually deteriorated in both fierce and 3-day seizures. I've tried many doctors, healers, charlatans, and I've always believed it would work, but nothing ever ... I started getting used to life with pain, going to massages because I thought it was all from the spine. But the migraines were coming back and my masseur was so worried that he gave me a contact for Laci (thank you very much for that).                  I have to write the first impression of my visit to Laci. It was a pleasurable experience that had been in a friendly spirit all the time. Measurements and diagnostics took place followed by a detailed explanation of my results. Laci was very professional and always made me feel like a human not just another patient, as it is with a doctor, but he was really interested in helping me. I'm writing the first week's of my diet and I have brilliant experience. I do not have any headaches. Under normal circumstances, I would have had during a week pain tablets in myself, if not an injection, which I had recently resorted to, because sometimes the tablets were not enough. And I have to write it, I was really skeptical after all my experiences. And I really didn't expect success. It is immediate help for me and I would never say how much influence food can have on person, whether in good or bad.


After a year of practicing intermittent fasting 16/8, I felt many benefits of this diet (weight loss, strength, immunity, performance, ...) but when I was on blood tests I found that despite having a bad lipid profile, particularly high triglycerides ... so I contacted Laci with whom we had known each other for a while, using his know-how and "magic" he set me up on diet and nutrition in such a way that at 4 months I had a lipid profile not only in normal but even much better than table values.


My husband had problems with his joints, knees  after physical activity. He started taking GELO STAR on Laci recommendation. After about six weeks the problems gone away. I stared to use this product and after while I noticed improvements of quality of my nails also my skin was smoother and more flexible. I have recommended this product to my mum as well, who also noticed this effect and found that her hair had almost stopped falling. Gelo star I use with short breaks more or less regularly and I can only recommend it.


Hi Laci I'm just sending you a photo. So here I finally put on fitness, not just for weight loss :-)  I'm so happy with the swimsuit belly :-)


For over 2.5 years, I had severe health problems such as: abdominal pain in the neck, diarrhea, whole body swelling and joint pain. 
I'm not even talking about being tired and loss of appetite. Immunological doctor made a test and my suspicion of intolerance on wheat, banana and nuts was confirmed.  My asthma was at a stage where I wouldn't go to 3 floors without stopping, so the sport didn't come to mind.  
After recommendation from friend I visited Laci Jankovič and found out that my food intolerance is more extensive: milk, fruit, meat, fish, coffee, tea, sugar and bacteria. After first therapy I seriously deteriorated on 3 day: had runny eyes, nose and had a pain on my chest. On 4 day it broke. Swelling on my legs and hands gone down and my joint stopped hurting. About my lungs that it stopped whistling was an miracle. Second therapy went without any side effects. 
Restricting the allergic diet has made me that I do not know what is cramps in my stomach.

Looking forward to the next improvement :-)


I would like to thank my friend Darina Kabátová for the recommending me a Keto  diet by Mr. Jankovic. I hesitated at first about whether I managed to keep it up and if I have a strong will because I am a full time mother for six years and still doing something like cooking at home and suddenly going to 6 cocktails a day and deny goodies ... Hmmm .... unimaginable .. I'm a fanatic in the sweet. But for my wonder, I did a good job. I'm proud of myself, because it's worth it. The taste for the sweets was completely gone, and I normally enjoyed every cocktail of different flavors. Without effort, exercises in the month I lost 4 kg, 4cm on the waist, 5 cm hips, 2 cm bottom and 3,5 cm thighs ... Super! I definitely recommend it. Cocktails are great, my skin has improved as I drank a balanced diet full of vitamins and not one over the other as I'm accustomed to and then it all reflects on my face. I was surprised that even before period did not come out with spots as I used. I feel really great, lighter and I'm happy when I go put my trousers on what they did not fit before.

 Support from my consultant was awesome, for what I really thank her very much, without her support I would certainly not have easily managed it. So, I'm going to do it, I'm also going to put pictures in the beginning and after the month of taking the Keto diet.


Life-long diets and misdiagnosis have caused me problems with food digestion, which has caused swelling, convulsions, diarrhea, headaches, fatigue until I have been totally isolated from the world." Finding a specialist and properly adjusted treatment where I received a diet- MET UP, my intestines started to work and the digestion was completely modified It was a long way, but the relief and my smile on the face are proof of the fact that it was worth it, thanks to which I could fulfill my dream and I took up the competition like a bikini fit. I still use this product when I feel that the body needs to be relaxed and relieved. 


I don't even know how to start and how to describe my feelings properly, to perfectly understand how I feel. Great enthusiasm for fitness but at the same time frustration from the dietary failure experienced while not knowing the right food. All this was autumn 2014. And then I came to Cabinet Jankowitch on the recommendation of my girlfriend. Coming here meant literally a turning point in my life, and I consider switching to a low-carbohydrate diet one of the best changes in my life so far. I'm not sick of food anymore. I don't feel tired anymore. I don't have a depressed mood anymore. Now I feel happy after a long time. Now, every morning, I wake up before the alarm ring and I am full of energy and I feel like I can beat a concrete wall. Now I'm laughing, even if there's no reason. I feel like I'm living now.


After about 3 years of problems with digestion associated with diarrhea, I been given a recommendation from a friend to visit Cabinet of Laci Jankovič. I was surprised by his attitude and knowledge, which he proved to me with the results. It was a longer road, but it was worth it. After a few therapies, the first results began to show. The condition only improved after every therapy. Today I can say I won the fight with my digestion (and other difficulties). Anyway I recommend it to all. Laci is a big man who stands by his clients when they need him even if they don’t. The decision and perseverance is important the rest they will do for you in the Cabinet!


After five years of suffering with my digestion I got to my colleague's recommendation to Laci. I did not hope, as three doctors could not help me with constant diarrhea and abdominal pain. Gradually, fatigue, exhaustion, irritability was added, and my weight was more than alarming. Laci set me a diet, and although it was a very difficult fight from the beginning, suddenly my whole world changed. For the fifth month I do not know what my abdominal pain is, I do not look everywhere for the toilet, I'm not afraid to go out and socials. People are asking me what happened to me that I have changed to look much better and healthier. For me, it is a great miracle and an incredible big thank you to  Laci and the whole cabinet. I always look forward to another visit not only from the health point of view, but also to the pleasant people. Thank you for living again, not only for living.


People are still asking what I was doing that I lost so much weight:) … Women react most. I have more energy, I can stay busy all day and work with pleasure. I have more overall time and travel more often. Since the Met Up Diet is over, I still keep the weight cool. I eat healthy and I know what I can and can't eat. Smaller misdemeanors my body no longer registers :-)


What was my problem? 8 years we tried to have a baby. Not all kinds of medical interventions, hormonal treatment, etc. Only one day I turned to Laci, whom I addressed because of the need to lose weight. We have solved my weight and I also mentioned the problem of pregnancy among the speech. Our cooperation took place online. Based on three drops of blood on a cosmetic swab and an extensive questionnaire, my husband also recommended meticulous changes in meals. Well, today we have our little fortune for 8 months and I still have a bonus of 5kg before the pregnancy!


My story started sometime in the summer of 2009, when a tiny red rash that wrinkled very tightly appeared on my right hand. At first I did not attach importance to it, but it gradually spread to my entire hand. It was ugly, the rashes changed from day to day to dry, horny skin, and the wet blisters in contact with water. Of course I immediately looked for a skin doctor. She told me it was an atopic eczema, and she prescribed me a hormone ointment (Lokoid) and some cream for rubbing. I was okay for about half a year, but eczema was still expanding. I already had it in folds, on my elbows, under my knees, and I was beginning to limit my movement. It pinched me very badly as it was in the folds. So I found another skin doctor to let me know what it is. She took all sorts of swabs, blood, made a stool analysis, but everything was negative. So I went through three other skin doctors, but none of them found the cause of my eczema. And not to forget, the last lady doctor didn't even look at it for me, she wrote a recipe for Lokoid and said that whatever I wanted, I must learn to live with it. So I told myself that if a doctor can't put me together, I have to try it myself. I started practicing and eating healthy. Lots of meat, fewer side dishes, lots of vegetables, so classic. At that time my eczema got really bad, my mom couldn't even sleep because of it. But I found molds and yeasts. Paradoxically, we were all happy because we thought it was the cause of eczema. I put on a sugar-free and saccharide-free diet for a month, I got rid of mold and yeast, but eczema continued. So I tried to learn to live with it. We bought expensive preparations promising healing, but nothing helped. At the beginning of 2013, my brother began experimenting with intermittent starvation, not eating wheat, later all the carbohydrates, and gradually switching to a diet style called Paleo. He told me how great it is and how he feels great. So I started testing it. I ate a lot of meat, nuts, vegetables, but eczema either worsened or was unchanged. The end of the year was approaching, and Brother discovered articles on the Internet about how to find intolerance for various foods, because spinach can benefit someone and harm others. We decided to buy coupons over the internet for biorezonance. It was March. I came to the ambulance full of expectations that maybe they can finally help me get rid of my problem. I sat down in my chair, looking around the posters hanging on the walls that promised to be cured of all sorts, and the resonance began. The lady who did it  wasn't interested in eczema at all, she didn't bother. She quickly tested my intolerances and was it. It took about ten minutes and I ended up being intolerant almost on everything: spinach, garlic, onion, cereals, legumes, dairy products, pork, seafood, all nuts. Likewise, I was burdened with molds, viruses, yeasts, heavy metals, chemistry, and to make matters worse, it also added weak intestines, kidneys, heart and lymphatic system. But seventy-year-olds are better off than I am. Well, according to the findings of the lady in white. We evaluated it by leaving me to eat chicken and vegetables. They did not offer me any help or advice how to deal with it. Lady did not care that she just told a 20-year-old, relatively healthy babe, that she could eat only chicken and vegetables. It was indifferent to her. She wrote me a paper, handed her a coupon and left.
So I started eating a lot of meat, fish and vegetables. I tried ketosis at the time, but I was always caught up in wolf hunger and I did what I saw and what was hidden from me. At the end of May, I accidentally discovered the name of Laci Jankovič on Facebook. I also learned that Fitness Renáta  Saboová also visited him. So I started to look into him and follow up on the results of his therapeutic practice. I was especially interested in biorezonance. Moreover, when I saw his "healing transformation" with the title "I got out of Crohn's disease myself," I thought that the only one who could help me could be him. I told everything to Mom and she agreed to contact him. I wrote a message where I described my problem with one sentence and got my answer. He said, "We'll put it right together, I have two problems with a similar problem here." I decided quickly. After years, someone has said that the solution is theoretically possible. Two days later we went to visit him with my brother and his girlfriend. His attitude was very friendly, and I enjoyed it very much. I went first. I told him the last time I found out, but he just shook his head in puzzlement that there was no such thing as him that he saw the main problem in flesh / complete allergy-intolerance from which uric acid began to do in my joints some mischief. it later causes gout, which I supposedly already indicated in this direction. Another problem was in dairy products. I didn't even want to believe that meat could be the cause of my worries and that it wasn't gluten as I thought it was due to previous diagnosis. I set my diet to get into a state of ketosis (even without meat and meat products), which I tried in vain for myself and went home.
Even that evening, an unbelieving godfather told me to get blood for uric acid, because when the "therapist" saw it, the blood test had to show it. The next day I sat at the doctor and listened to how big the stupidness of the biorezonance is, because there are patients with terrible diagnoses and nothing really is. Soon there were results and the doctor herself didn't believe what she was reading. I had uric acid limit values. She told me I was going to be under surveillance, and when she'd just picked it up, she would prescribe my medication. Really cool, twenty years and start up on gout. After three days on a diet from Mr. Jankovič, the eczema slowly disappeared. It was incredible. Certainly I am also helped by the therapies that he gives me on his biorezonance device and eliminate the detected allergens-intolerants. Now I will go to the third and tell me that both meat and milk responses will be weaker and should gradually disappear. Allegedly, according to previous official studies, the probability is higher than 80%. Simply, for almost half a year, I solved something and suddenly changed it almost day by day. After two weeks and eczema does not hurt me, after the shower it does not itching me and finally I can wash dishes and cut vegetables, which has been hell for me so far. After my five years of running to different doctors, ointments, therapists, Mr. Jankovic was the only one who could help me. I do not regret having to travel to see him for eighty kilometers. We also have a similar cabinet in our town, but there they only ask you for money and sell you teas and nuts. Whether the diagnosis and subsequent therapy with biorezonance help you depends solely on you and the therapist who has to deal with it with all his heart. Only then come incredible results.

Sport and other references

Timea Trajtelova, IFBB bikini, World champion

In the past, my visit to the Jankowitch Cabinet moved me on my way to progress. Thanks to Laci and his diagnosis, we found the cause of the problems that bothered me so I could finally start solving them. Today my body is healthy and works in all respects as it should. Thank you very much for the right direction and always nice friendly meetings.

Marek Hodák

With his advice and approach, Ladislav Jankovič helps people to improve their health and results, not just athletes. I did not hesitate to contact him if he could help me with a healthier diet, with the knee pains that plagued me during a cross-country race and overall preparation for my next race. Already after two weeks of adjusted diet, I felt an improvement in training, which consisted mainly in increasing energy, reducing knee pain, as well as overall reduction in body fat in the body. In the second year (2017), we increased the training intensity, which of course consisted in taking a higher amount of quality food. This led me to successfully participate in the Marathon cross-country race in Prague (2327 place out of 6510 individuals) and UltraBeast Spartan Race in Valčianska valley - 45 km / over 3000 m (365 place out of 1500 competitors).

Tomáš Klíč - IFBB men's physique pro

I can recommend Mr. Jankovic's services to all those who are groping in their nutrition or training. But also mainly people, of all ages who do not feel healthy. Especially when Western medicine doesn't help.

Ján Kočiš - Biketrial World Champion

I started the season 2012 according to plan. I was awarded the title of Slovak Champion in the ELITE category (the highest possible category). I went through many other races abroad, where I was still on stage. I'm in the middle of the season right now and I've got two UCI World Cups. Before the seasons I set out to advance to the finals at least once (8 best riders. It is really difficult because there are the best riders from all over the world. got me to the finals right in the World Cup in Aalter - Belgium and unexpectedly at the second one, where I eventually won the 5th place in the finals. world championships that will end this season.

Milan Obořil - IFBB bodybuilder / World champion

I made contacts with Lacko in 2013 when I had health problems caused by enough food. Today it is some Friday I go to him. My food is fine-tuned to myself, it's not just about eating, but understanding the essence of the thing. When do I eat, if I spend it, whether it does not cause problems with other foods. He taught me not only to compose food for himself, but to understand the essence of functioning. Today we are not just a client and his service, but very good friends. He's one of the few people I love and trust. Thank you for those people around me. Because an athlete who wants to be around a certain level needs a team of experts and that's it!

IFBB PRO Filip Šteflovič

For me as a professional competitor, Ladislav Jankowitch is one of the best nutrition consultants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I met a lot of experts and therefore I can compare. Ladislav is not only a great nutritional advisor, but also a personality, motivator, leader, who will help you health, mentally and move your results a bit further. If you do not know what to do with your body, you have problems with digestion, you are not able to lose weight, gain weight, or something is bothering you (hair loss, pregnancy problems and others.) Ladislav is here just for you and also for competitors. Laco helped me a lot in balancing hormones after a difficult preparation, when I had really health problems. Thank you for all the consultations and advice.

Erik Štefánik - downhill, freeride rider

I was in the Jankowitch Cabinet as a bodybuilder when I was before the competition and needed to consult before the training was finished and fine-tune the last things. Laco gave me a complete diagnosis of the organs and the whole body. I learned a lot of new things which I then applied and everything was moving in the right direction. He set up my diet completely and eliminated some of the foods that I thought were a priority for me as a former bodybuilder. I recommend Laco and his services to anyone who does not yet know their body properly, wants the best for themselves and especially wants to be fit. You will not regret it.

Nikola Weiterová, IFBB bikini pro, World champion

Lacko Jankowitch has moved the bar of nutritional counseling and fitness to a whole new level. Professional level. I prefer, use and recommend such services.

MUDR. Claudia Gregušová

From my practice as a trainer I know that working with a therapeutic device is not simple and automatic and requires not only knowledge, intuition, but also a certain amount of "talent" and talents. Mainly the desire to help people, improve their health and fitness. And it is quite clear that Mr Jankovic is just such a type of person.

Štefan Havlík - Europe and World champion, absolute winner Arnold Classic Amateur

Designing a personal diet with Jankowitch for healthy lifestyles, muscle building and weight reduction and subsequent management of potential food intolerants and allergens is one of the most effective paths I have ever encountered in nutrition.

Mgr. Daniel Koňušík - Tennis coach

I graduated from FTVŠ at Charles University in Prague and did a dissertation exam at FTVŠ in Bratislava and after 30 years of practice I finally learned at NDTV Academy how to apply the comprehensive development of basic movement abilities in practice most effectively.


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