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I would like to thank my friend Darina Kabátová for the recommending me a Keto  diet by Mr. Jankovic. I hesitated at first about whether I managed to keep it up and if I have a strong will because I am a full time mother for six years and still doing something like cooking at home and suddenly going to 6 cocktails a day and deny goodies ... Hmmm .... unimaginable .. I'm a fanatic in the sweet. But for my wonder, I did a good job. I'm proud of myself, because it's worth it. The taste for the sweets was completely gone, and I normally enjoyed every cocktail of different flavors. Without effort, exercises in the month I lost 4 kg, 4cm on the waist, 5 cm hips, 2 cm bottom and 3,5 cm thighs ... Super! I definitely recommend it. Cocktails are great, my skin has improved as I drank a balanced diet full of vitamins and not one over the other as I'm accustomed to and then it all reflects on my face. I was surprised that even before period did not come out with spots as I used. I feel really great, lighter and I'm happy when I go put my trousers on what they did not fit before.

 Support from my consultant was awesome, for what I really thank her very much, without her support I would certainly not have easily managed it. So, I'm going to do it, I'm also going to put pictures in the beginning and after the month of taking the Keto diet.


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