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In short term:
Age: 53
Lost weight: 28kg
Loss in muscles: 1kg / at the time of the diagnostics, now I have more, and no fat gained... the process goes on
Clerk, 12 hours a day sitting job, during the transformation no exercises only 10 minutes walk from work to bus stop
Initial phase: 3 months strict and ketogenic diet - “mine” and 2 months no change and any lost weight.

The body had to be noticeably regenerated and strengthened. 
/ radio-activated radiation removal of thyroid, strong and excreted migrants, unwell, weakened organism /
…..if the metabolism is not good, forget about the good and quality weight reduction.
Next hunger in series “diet” and liquidations of organism, don't wait that from me nobody…please
If you expect a straight and serious approach, then I will be happy to give to you, but don't expect the results “tomorrow”

Now: Alena`s change in condition, feelings and health correspond at least to what is seen on the photos.


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