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Pumpkin seeds

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 Support for atherosclerosis and rheumatism
 Has a beneficial effect on the prostate
 Natural tryptophan (amino acid) - affects good mood
 Source of vitamin B15 (anti-stress vitamin)
 Lowers cholesterol
 Improves nail and hair growth
 Nourish the skin
 Prevents hair loss

What is it?

Pumpkin is a herb of the Cucurbitaceae family. About 25 species are known. They are mainly from tropical Africa. Pumpkin, Cucumis sativus (cucumber), is grown for fruits that are unripe as a vegetable. Very rich in the ingredients are its seeds. Pumpkin seeds are a very popular delicacy. They contain zinc that protects our immune system. Oil is also made from seeds, which is really great.

What will he help me with?

Relieves prostate problems - painful urination. It reduces the urge to urinate, have a calming effect. Also has a beneficial impact on the bladder muscles. Helps in bladder weakness in both men and women, as well as other functional bladder and prostate disorders. Besides, they are said to suppress parasites in the digestive tract. Pumpkin seeds belong to healthy kitchens because they are filled with other valuable ingredients for our body. They are especially rich in phosphorus, zinc, and vitamin E. They also contain vitamins A, D, B vitamins and minerals such as potassium, manganese, and copper.

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