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RECONDITION 2.0 (On-line program)

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Online initial diagnostics for new clients and 3x control - consultation and process optimization. For clients who have previously ordered the 4x control program - consultation and process optimization.
According to the agreement, by default every 2-8 weeks according to the current status, current needs or requirements of the client.

Who is the RECONDÍCIA 2.0 program intended for?

They are intended for men, women or children who have made conscious or unconscious mistakes in their lifestyle or diet recently. The body weight has reached a level that the client wants to solve and to reduce qualitatively and permanently.

In addition to being overweight, a concurrent, perhaps key, problem preventing weight loss is a metabolic problem or an immediate (perhaps long-term) problem with the digestion of certain foods. Physical suboptimality and circumstances of insufficient fitness cause minor or major acute or chronic problems. Diagnostics and other consultations can be more than helpful in fundamentally improving your condition, as well as simultaneously reducing body weight if you are overweight.

RECONDÍCIA 2.0 ONLINE is not only intended for clients who want or need to reduce their body weight, but also exclusively as support for improving non-optimal physical manifestations, such as diabetes B, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, fatigue, exhaustion, indigestion, diarrhea or constipation, skin manifestations, high blood pressure, elevated or high LDL or blood fats, and others.

It is intended for clients who are not in complete health and condition or are aware that they could be better and are clearly interested in solving their dietary and lifestyle prevention effectively and in such a way that improvement occurs objectively as well as subjectively in fact, they were able to improve and improve their condition after adjustments and continue to maintain the new improved physical condition.

Due to the need to carry out a thorough INITIAL diagnosis (or additional checks, consultations and support for continuous improvement of the condition), the most thorough possible determination and check of the condition, RECONDITION 2.0 ONLINE is carried out with the sending of a blood sample (3-5 drops on a cotton or make-up removal pad, which the client will be sent to the office by post) Diagnostics takes into account immediately or preventively possible non-optimality in relation to possible food hypersensitivity, metabolic inconsistency, loads in the body as well as other very important circumstances that are helpful for us to maintain our high success rate, which we have had with this rehabilitation for many years we record success.

The range of clients for this service varies evenly across the entire range from approximately 1-year-olds to 95-year-olds. It is intended and used equally by women and men. Sports and physical activity are not a condition. Neither immediately nor after the start of cooperation. The client can only use the diagnostics service once.

After completing the diagnosis, regular online checks follow, INCLUDING regular RE-DIAGNOSTICS with consultations and support to improve the condition at sporadic/irregular time intervals according to his current needs.

What is the goal of the RECONDÍCIA 2.0 program?

Finding out the immediate and current facts of the client, his condition and basic physical condition. After a mutual evaluation of the benefits and possible obstacles, a precise diet and lifestyle regime is agreed upon with the client, which is sustainable and realistic for him. The client will receive all the necessary information so that he can very effectively, given his condition and capabilities, reduce his body weight effectively and healthily without the subsequent JOJO effect, significantly improve his suboptimal physical condition, which can have chronic or acute manifestations, or it can be solved with weight reduction and improvement of physical condition at the same time.

We have developed diagnostics and follow-up checks in recent years and successfully verified them in practice. These can be very helpful in managing the process of weight loss and rehabilitation of the client and take into account ongoing development, which is usually individual, and supervision has proven to be a very effective moment of meeting the set goals.

What is the standard procedure for the RECONDÍCIA 2.0 program?

  • Ordering and payment of remote service RECONDICIA 2.0.
  • Filling out a detailed online questionnaire and sending a blood sample (3-5 drops on a cotton swab or make-up remover swab according to the simple instructions that the client sends to the cabinet by mail).
  • Diagnostics and, if necessary, a telephone preliminary consultation carried out within 2-7 working days from receipt of payment, completed questionnaire and delivery of a blood sample by mail.
  • Performed pre-diagnosis and telephone consultation with the aim of clarifying documents and information. If necessary, requesting more detailed and precise information from the client in order to evaluate the information as best as possible, including those that are part of our cabinet process.
  • Evaluation of available information and documents.
  • Performed two-stage bioresonance analysis, control organ diagnostics and checking of the current condition, possible food hypersensitivity (possible intolerance, allergen or enzymatic disorder) to specific foods, organ diagnostics, diagnostics of the presence of possible burdens in the body, such as heavy metals, chemical loads, molds and yeasts, parasites, viruses, bacteria, hypersensitivity, etc.
  • Internal data evaluation and control according to the internal guidelines of the Jankowitch Cabinet.
  • Sending the necessary information to the client: Evaluation of information, its relevance, evaluation of minor and major personal priorities, including lifestyle and food. Specific and accurate dietary recommendations based on the client's current condition, priorities, needs and goals. Based on the findings and the current state, recommended vitamins, minerals or other micronutrients are sent, which, from our point of view and experience, are suitable/necessary to supplement for the optimal functioning of the metabolism and its other components.
  • After studying the documents, or even partial application of our recommendations with the client, we conduct another telephone consultation and resolve possible individual findings resulting from the documents provided.
  • Together with the client, we will set the interval for further checks

Communication, as well as the actual written consultation or sending of documents, takes place on a specialized personal SMART CHAT.

In addition to telephone contact, written communication is carried out exclusively through the aforementioned personal "chat" of the client, which was created for this service. It combines and stores a complete history of communication and forwarded documents, which improves their availability, repeated use, security, transparency and clarity in mutual communication with the Jankowitch cabinet, or at the same time a consultant, if he was designated by the client.



For more information about the initial diagnosis, subsequent rediagnosis and consultations, as well as the entire course of the RECONDÍCIA 2.0 online program, please contact us.

The price of recommended food supplements is not included in the price of services and programs.
Prices include VAT.

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