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Mineral & Trace ELEMENTS - 60 tablets

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 Has a positive effect on memory and concentration
 Prevents fatigue and exhaustion
 Protects against immune system disorders and headaches
 Supports nerves system
 Lowers blood pressure
 Promotes muscle activity
 Supports physical performance

Consists of:

Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Potassium, Iodine, Selenium, Chromium, Boron, Molybdenum
Calcium: Calcium is a metallic element with silvery shiny white crystals. Easily
forming chemical compounds. For example, animal bones, clams, shells and nutshells
contain calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, etc. Calcium is one of
the most common elements in the body. The role of calcium in the body:
1. Mostly represented in the skeleton, which forms the support of the body and the base for clamping skeletal muscle.
2. It also occurs in soft tissues. It plays an important role in maintaining the heart
frequency, nerve conduction, muscle tone maintenance, participates in blood coagulation and single cell cohesion. Unfortunately, though it is very important, it depends only on outside consumption.
Zinc: Zinc is an important trace element in the human body. Involved in composition of, or is an activator of hundreds of types of enzymes in the body. Its main function:
catalyses human biochemical reactions, activates various enzyme proteins and
involved in protein synthesis promoting active metabolism.
Magnesium:  human cells, magnesium is the second most important cation and it cooperate closely with potassium in body’s metabolic processes. Magnesium has various special physiological functions in a variety of enzymes that it can activate. It inhibits abnormal nerve excitability. Maintain stability of nucleic acid structures involved in protein synthesis. Magnesium is involved in muscle contraction and regulation of body temperature.
Iron: Iron is one of the most common trace elements in the body. It is an essential component in the formation of haemoglobin, cell dye and tissue enzymes. It is an oxygen transmitter. Iron deficiency can cause anemia, decrease the ability to transfer oxygen and causes tissue hypoxia. Iron is also involved in energy generation.
Copper: is a metallic element. It is one of the trace elements, which means, our organism needs a very small amount of it. It is an important part of many enzymes, through which copper participate in a number of metabolic processes in our organism or cellular respiration. Also participates in metabolism of amino acids or carbohydrates. Furthermore, it plays an important role in the formation of collagen and elastin, which is the basic protein of bone, skin and connective tissue. It also important in the red blood cell production, helps in the use of iron reserves.
Manganese: Manganese is involved in hematopoietic mechanisms that improve process of the use of copper in the body, promote the absorption of iron, and also use and maturation of red blood cells.
Potassium: It is an important nutrient of the human body, and important electrolyte. Its main function is to maintain and regulate intracellular volume and osmotic pressure, maintaining acid-base balance and transmitting nervous actions of the body fluid. Potassium has a very important role in human cells to maintain normal structure and function and normal metabolism. Potassium can increase the body nervous and muscular sensation, decreased heart irritation, can maintain normal muscle function, especially normal heart movement.
Iodine: It is an inadequate element in our diet, although it is very important for our body. It is needed for proper thyroid function and nutrient metabolism. Iodine improves the quality of skin, hair, nails and teeth. It also calms nerves and improves mental function. Those that need increased doses of this element are - adolescents, pregnant and nursing women. It affects the overall growth and development of individual organs in a growing fetus (brain, sexual and mental development).
Chromium: Has an important role in the activities of some enzymes. It helps with decay of
enzymes and their conversion to energy and the formation of different fats. It works
together with insulin and is therefore essential for the body's ability to use sugar.
Selenium: Selenium is one of the essential trace elements in the human body. It is
ranked among antioxidants that protect the body from adverse reactions of
environmental influences. It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and
immune system. It is a carrier of calcium that cannot be used for bone formation if selenium is absent.
Boron: It is an important and often underutilized trace mineral that occurs naturally in some foods and also in the environment. Boron has the ability to maintain a strong skeletal structure by adding to bone density mass, preventing osteoporosis, treating conditions such as arthritis and improving strength and muscle mass.
Molybdenum: Is an indispensable trace element not only for the human body, but
almost everything that is alive. Although molybdenum is only present in living tissue in tiny amounts it is essential for the proper functioning of the normal life
functions. It is part of some of the enzymes in the human body that are involved in for example degradation of cysteine ​​and degradation of some components of nucleic acids.

Description and composition

- Composition: microcrystalline cellulose (bulking agent), anti-caking agents:
stearic acid, magnesium stearate and silica, emulsifier: sodium salt
- Contains 60 tablets
- Take 4 tablets (150 mcg) daily with food
4 tablets contain:
Calcium - 500 mg (Calcium Aspartate), % DV: 62.50%
Magnesium 250 mg (Magnesium Oxide), % DV: 66.67%
Iron - 18 mg (Ferrous Fumarate), % DV: 128.57%
Zinc - 15 mg (Zinc Glycinate), % DV: 150.00%
Copper - 2 mg (Copper Glycinate), % DV: 200%
Manganese - 4 mg (Manganese Glycinate), % DV: 200%
Potassium - 45 mg (Potassium Gluconate), % DV: 2.25%
Iodine - 225 mcg (Potassium Iodide), % DV: 150%
Selenium - 25 mcg, % DV: 45.45%
Chromium - 100 mcg, % DV: 250.00%
Boron - 1mg, % DV: unlisted
Molybdenum - 75 mcg, % DV: 150%


Keep in a dry and cool place!


Keep out of reach of small children! The recommended daily allowance must not exceed. Not suitable for children, pregnant and nursing women. The nutritional supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

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