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Lipo X - 60 tabliet

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What is Lipo X?

It is a thermogenic fat burner that releases fat from the body.


 Strong, complex fat burner
 Contains a wide range of burners
 Ensures efficient fat burning
 Accelerates metabolism
 Increases energy level
 Supports mental concentration
 Has a rapid onset of action
 Suitable for both men and women
 Has a transparent composition

Green Tea Extract (EGCG)

What is it?
It’s a substance found in green tea. Green tea contains several types of catechins, including EGC (epigallocatechin), ECG (epicatechin gallate), EC (epicatechin) and the EGCG as mentioned above. All catechins have similar properties, but EGCG is the most effective of them. Green tea is known for its many positive effects on the body, including the content of catechins.

Guarana (Paullinia cupana)

What is it?
It’s a creeper plant that comes from the tropical forests of the Amazon and has been used for centuries as an elixir of life to strengthen immunity.
The main active ingredient is caffeine. Thanks to the naturally high amount of caffeine, guarana has become a popular energy supplement.
These seeds contain twice the concentration of caffeine that can be found in coffee beans. Therefore, it is the highest, naturally occurring source of caffeine we know. Thanks to the content of caffeine, the use of guarana before bedtime is not recommended; it stimulates the body and keeps the mind and senses awake.

Commiphora Mukul - GUGGUL

What is it?
Guggul is used in Ayurvedic medicine as a beneficial herb for maintaining healthy body weight and cholesterol, which has cleansing and rejuvenating properties and promotes the normal function of the immune system.


What is it?
Caffeine is a natural substance that naturally occurs in coffee, tea or guarana. Caffeine can be obtained from one of the above crops, or it is produced synthetically. It is the most discussed stimulant and burner. Caffeine stimulates the grey matter to delay fatigue and sleepiness. Suppressing or delaying fatigue signals can affect not only physical but also mental performance. Caffeine from coffee is absorbed faster than from tablets and capsules.
How does Caffeine Work?
After ingesting caffeine, the body begins to increase the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline, whose increased excretion is the reason for higher blood pressure, faster heart activity and greater stimulation of the body.
Caffeine, thanks to adrenaline and noradrenaline, promotes the secretion of fat (fatty acids from fat tissue), which is then used as a source of energy in the working muscle. By this mechanism, caffeine can save muscle glycogen.

Rhodiola Rosea (Pink Root, "Golden Root," "Arctic Root")

What is it?
It is an adaptogenic herb, native to Siberia, which grows at high altitudes in Asia and Europe.
The herb must be safe and non-toxic to qualify as an adaptogen, must be widely used for health and, above all, have positive effects on physical and mental stress situations.
Simply put, Adaptogens helps to adapt to stressful situations.


What is it?
Carnitine is a substance that intensifies fat conversion by binding fatty acids contained in fats and allowing the cell to cross the mitochondrial membrane where energy is vital for improving cell function.
By doing so, the quality of muscle performance, optimal heart muscle function, and weight loss are more pronounced. An essential prerequisite for improving the effect is exercise and diet.


Men: Take 1 tablet before breakfast and I tablet in the afternoon. Women: Take 1 tablet before breakfast and 1 tablet in the afternoon. For begining, use one tabl in the first two days lo test tolerance. Do not exceed 2 tablets daily! Do not take more than 6 hours before bedtime. Take at least 30 minutes before meals. The best results are obtained by combining with a calorie controlled diet and anex elise training pragrapi. LipoX is recommended ta be used in qcles. Recommended cycle is 8 weeks of use followed by I week of pause.


Keep in a dry and cool place!


Keep out of reach of small children! The recommended recommended daily allowance must not exceed. Not suitable for children, pregnant and nursing women. The nutritional supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

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60 tablet


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