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Lecithin - 1200mg

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✓ Helps maintain proper levels of cholesterol and fat in the body
✓ Improves concentration ability

What is it?

Belongs to substances that are indispensable for man. It is the principal representative of a broader group called phospholipids. In explaining the importance of lecithin to humans, it is necessary to briefly mention the three roles that are important to understanding its meaning.

Why is lecithin necessary for the functionality of individual human organ systems?

The basis for the activity of each human body cell is the right consistency of the membranes - of both the cells and the membrane of the individual basic structures that the cell is composed of. The essential part of each membrane is phospholipids, especially their principal agent - lecithin. In its absence, the human organism can’t function properly. The cells of the nervous system are the most sensitive to the lack of lecithin. Another system whose function can be damaged by the deficiency of lecithin is liver and stomach. Shortage of lecithin also negatively impacts on poor quality of skin and hair. Lecithin also helps reduce total cholesterol, especially its LDL part, which promotes the rapid development of atherosclerosis.

Description and composition

- Stabilizer: gelatine, emulsifier: glycerol and water
- Contains 60 tablets
- Take 2 capsules (2 x 1200 mg) daily with meals


Keep out of the reach of small children! The recommended daily dose
should not be exceeded. Not suitable for children.

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