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L-carnitine l-tartrate 250 g

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 Getting energy from fat
 Ensuring sport durability
 Increase physical performance
 Energy supply to the heart and cells of the immune system
 Prevent the early onset of fatigue during exercise


What is it?

Carnitine - is a substance that intensifies fat conversion by binding fatty acids contained in fats and allowing the cell to cross the mitochondrial membrane where energy is vital for improving cell function. This results in a higher quality of muscle performance, optimal heart muscle function, and weight loss. An essential prerequisite for improving the effect is physical activity and a proper diet.

What will it help me with?

Carnitine is essential in life in supplying energy to many body organs (heart, muscle, liver, and cells of the immune system), thereby ensuring their function. It is crucial for maintaining health and fitness. Besides, Carnitine has a detoxifying effect as it helps to clear metabolic intermediates from cells.



Keep out of the reach of small children! The recommended daily dose
should not be exceeded. Not suitable for children.

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