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Health Salt - 250g

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 It assists in flatulence and heartburn.
 It helps digestion and cleansing of the intestines.
 Improves eyesight.
 Help reduce high blood pressure.
 Due to its properties, it affects the immune system.
 It eases inflammation.
 It has a positive effect on asthma, muscle cramps, diabetes, and depression.

Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan salt often marketed as salt derived from pure
areas deep in the Himalayas. Salt is mined at the outer range of the Himalayas, more precisely in a The Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan, which is considered the second largest salt mine in the world.
Himalayan salt, known in the region of origin as "white gold," contains 84
natural ingredients and minerals that are essential for health, including
magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, and iron. A typical pink color is
due to a small amount of iron oxide (rust). Zinc, selenium, iodine, and copper are present in trace amounts.

Himalayan black salt

Black salt, in India called kala namak or sanchal, is a unique species
unrefined volcanic salts with a distinct taste of eggs. In fact, it is
pinkish-gray due to the high iron and other minerals. Sodium chloride with iron is what chemically makes the salt black, sulfuric compounds, and traces of minerals. It is mined in volcanic regions of India and Pakistan.
According to traditional Ayurvedic medicine in India, black salt has many
therapeutic properties. Helps digestion and cleansing of the intestines, also during flatulence and heartburn. It is suitable for people with high blood pressure because it does not contain so much sodium and does not increase the sodium content in the blood. It is suitable for people, who prefer unsalted food. It also has rejuvenating effects, because it
helps digestion and improves eyesight.

Sea salt

Sea salt is often referred to like a healthier version to our everyday one. The main reason is, in particular, that lower sodium content does not suit to our body. Another critical point is the composition itself. Sea salt contains a lot of vitamins C and A. Therefore this becomes an essential part of skin care. These two vitamins are keeping your skin fit; you look younger thanks to them. It also contains 26 different minerals.

Potassium Chloride

Used as a taste-enhancing substance. Salty flavoring agent - used as a substitute or admixture of sodium chloride (kitchen salt) in
foods with a lower sodium content - and a pH-controlling substance. Also, it softens the meat, promotes fermentation in beer production, and acts as a gelling substance. At the same time, it is a natural source of potassium and is used to enrich food with this element.

Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium is a vital element for our body. It has representation in
most processes in our body. It works primarily in stress,
allergic and toxic problems, further activates the enzymes required for
the formation of the immune system.

Description and composition

- It consists of sea salt, seaweed, Himalayan pink salt, Himalayan
black salt, potassium chloride, and magnesium chloride
- Contains 250 g of salt
- Use as needed 1-4 g per day

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