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 Protection of muscle fibers
 Regeneration of muscle mass
 Reduction of lactic acid formation
 Supports the immune system

What is it?

Branched-chain amino acids include 3 amino acids. They are valine, leucine, isoleucine.
The branched-chain amino acid designation was based on the shape of their molecular structure.
This is very different from other amino acids. Also, valine, leucine, isoleucine are amino acids belonging to the group of so-called essential amino acids, so it is necessary to receive them in the diet.

BCAA - metabolism

Branched amino acids perform many important functions in the human body.
They do not differ from other amino acids only in their molecular chain, but also in their involvement in protein metabolism.
BCAAs are not retained by the liver; they are washed out again by the liver into the bloodstream to reach the muscle mass.

When to use them?

Practically at any time of the day, but it depends on your goals.

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