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Magnesium - Another of the pillars of your supplementation

Magnesium - Another of the pillars of your supplementation

Another of the pillars of your supplementation

Many people ask what nutritional supplement is the most important. You may hear the claim that without BCAA it is not worth going to the gym. Alternatively, you need a protein supplement. However, the truth is that saturating macronutrient intake by diet is significantly easier than ensuring the intake of micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. The undeniable fact is that without an adequate amount of micronutrients, anabolic processes in the body cannot optimally occur. So if you do not have the basic supplementation in the form of sufficient intake of all micronutrients, then you can drink the protein as much as you like and yet the results will not be optimal. 

Therefore, today we will pause for a supplement that should form the absolute basis of your supplementation. It's magnesium or magnesium.

Magnesium is the catalyst for nearly 600 enzymatic reactions in the human body. It is essential for nerve signal transmission, muscle activity, cardiac function, body temperature control, detoxification processes, bone density and insulin sensitivity. Lack of magnesium is manifested, for example, by muscle cramps, insomnia, weakness, problems with gaining muscle mass, or problems with fat reduction, irritability, sweet tastes or high blood pressure. You could say that almost every function of the human body is affected by the proper level of magnesium.

The problem is that athletes are even more vulnerable to magnesium deficiency than the general population. Especially because of the higher level of stress they face. Now you will think that every athlete is not stressed. Error! Training itself is a very stressful strain for the body. In addition, athletes face the "normal" stress caused by our hectic lifestyle. This leads to undesirable accumulation. Even if you eat healthy and have no stressful jobs, you may suffer from magnesium deficiency.

Why is that so?

- Industrial foods contain a minimum of magnesium.
- The intake of refined foods significantly increases the body's demands on its intake.
- Absorption of magnesium from natural sources is problematic. For example, phytates contained in legumes as well as concentrated sources of calcium in dairy products significantly reduce the absorption of magnesium.
- Frequent and intense training greatly increases the need for magnesium.
- It is therefore quite obvious why magnesia supplementation is essential. But it certainly won't be a small summary.

What are the basic benefits of magnesium supplements?

-Simply helps to manage the stress caused by training.
-Optimizes brain function and thus allows you to complete quality training.
- Improves sleep quality and regeneration.
-It's anti-inflammatory.
- n the absence of magnesium, you cannot essentially reduce body fat.

You may be beginning to understand here that magnesium supplementation is crucial. The problem is that not every form of magnesium benefits the organism. Not all forms of magnesium are suitable, and not all products are of good quality. Companies that try to save on raw materials and benefit from ignorance of target customers use low-yield magnesium forms and chemical forms that the body cannot properly absorb. On the market it is quite difficult to find a product that contains a well-absorbable form of magnesium because most companies use magnesium oxide or, in the better case, citrate, which is poorly absorbed by the body, or have a laxative effect in larger doses.


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