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Best doctor? Healthy lifestyle.

Best doctor? Healthy lifestyle.

You found out that you don't have enough time left by the summer when you checked out the days in your calendar and your body is still not in the shape for a "swimsuit" and you're wondering how  FAST AND GUARANTEE take off your tip so you can roll your body up in the top form. Read a few clever tips on Facebook to eliminate all the sugar and flour from your diet (that's what makes us fat.). For sure, you will also tighten up the carbohydrate intake, add another half an hour of cardia, and throw an eye on some incinerator because the burner - that's a guaranteed batter destroyer. Body expose mega stress because  of holiday! Swimming costume! Men / Women! And you want to look damn good, not like five years ago.

So why are you still doing the same thing? Learn how to eat healthy, balanced to keep it up the WHOLE YEAR, even WHOLE LIFE, and you don't have to stress every summer if you can go swimming in a swimsuit instead of a spacesuit.  

First advice - love your body!!! Many people see the body only as a box. However, the body is much more.You can change things in life, but your body will stay forever. The more love you give him (understand, the better you take care of him) the better it will look. By brutally curtailing your diet, adding more hours of training, and not knowing what else, you will run out of your body, whether due to excess sport, nutrient deficiency, or a combination of both. If you want your body to listen to you, listen to it. Sport as much as you like. Sport is not only a tool for shaping the body… Sport is also a great help in reducing stress. Take your moment of movement as a time when you don't have to think about worries while doing something for your health. Do not do sports only for visual results, but also for results that you feel from the inside. Have you ever noticed how athletes who do sports other than fitness look like? I'll give you an example of a hockey player. They will come to training, and trained hard, they are eaten well and do not solve whether they have put on 1.8 g or 2.35 g of protein per kilo of weight and look good. They simply do not play in everything, do something that they enjoy, do it properly and do not need to boast about it.They do something they enjoy, they do it properly and they don't need to brag about it. 

As for food, it's actually the same thing. If you're not going to some races and it's really just about feeling great and a nice body as bonus, then I don't see the point why it is senseless torture. Do you like fruit, bread/rolls, chocolate, or even sauces, but you don't want it, because there is sugar in the fruit, fat in the chocolate and  bread/rolls is a killer that clogs the vessels and makes a round tummy. Do you really think it's exactly like this? A piece of fruit, as well as a square of quality chocolate per day will not kill you. Just as there is no reason to give up pastries and stuff yourself with kebabs when you don't like it. Just choose a good type of pastry and put it in the menu. Do you fancy a vegetable sauce? Go online and find a healthier recipe. The point is not to be lazy and to find a way to taste and at the same time be healthy, varied and balanced. It's not hard at all, just use a common sense. Don't worry your body by eating something you don't like or even eating at all. For healthy, good-looking body has to PASS.

And the last point will be just supplements. A lots of people running to buy a fat burner without having a well-designed diet just because they think it's salvation. No, fat burner is not really a magic berry you eat and you have a body like a twig. The basis is a healthy and balanced healthy meal. The same thing is with most of the supplements that people buy just because they "have seen them on Facebook" and only after buying them find out what is to use them for, which my mind does not take it at all. 

If you want to invest in supplements, as my first choice would be our PURE OMEGA, supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Later, I would like to grab a protein powder that is a functional food rather than a supplement.T he ideal choice is our CFM Evolution. BCAA, Glutamine will help you prepare for the competition, but are rather designed for the performance of an athlete. So how about a fat burner? This will help you, but on the assumption of a really balanced diet and rather an imaginary icing on the cake. Why do I emphasize this?  Often I am asked question about fat burner with a postscript "my food is really solved" and then when the sample menu comes up, you'll find it is bad from the start.

I got a little bit carried away. But will come to a conclusion. It is much better not to focus on a specific date / time when you MUST look good. Want to look good at all time! Want to be happy, satisfied in what you do. Want to be healthy! Because health is the most precious thing we have. Learn to love your body, learn to give it a quality, varied, healthy and nutritionally balanced diet. Do sports, relax, tune in to a positive wave, surround yourself with like-minded people, laugh, enjoy life and don't bullshit. The summer form is not worth wasting your body through a nonsensical diet. Rather slowly and properly than fast with bad impact.

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