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Why and how did I create a comprehensive range of services and an unusual fitness service, including professional consultants and my own food supplements?

Research activities, focus, scope of work and main work topics in educational activities for the practice of Jankowitch Cabinet consultants and awareness of the general public.

  • Correction of eating disorders
  • Education, mentoring and recommended techniques in fitness
  • Diagnosis and definition of the degree of deviation from the theoretical optimum
  • Subjective states and information misinterpretation in public
  • Determination of reversible processes in remediation and their objective sustainability
  • Food hypersensitivity, digestion, digestive tract and reversibility of acute and chronic conditions
  • Allergies, enzymatic disorders, intolerances and defects of the autoimmune system
  • Neurological degenerative sequence
  • Microbiome and dysbiosis
  • Insulin and metabolic syndrome
  • Professional dietetics and nutrition in the lifestyle of the individual
  • Regeneration and energy coverage of physiological functions of the body
  • Cellular nutrition and micronutrients
  • Energy efficiency of the organism, autoregeneration and metabolic disorders
  • Compensation in professional and performance sports
  • Intensification techniques and methods in nutrition
  • Restoration of the natural sensitivity of the human body and the theory of the degree of conscious adoption of the life status quo of the individual and the family
  • Individual and group management of the natural ecosystem of resource extraction in correlation with expenditure and the establishment of optimization processes

1. Over the past nine years of practice, I have provided personalized nutrition advice to more than 2,500 clients, 95 % of whom have been on word of mouth recommendation.

2. This brand and a comprehensive range of supplements have emerged from public demand as a result of the successful 9-year use of my preparations and blends in my nutrition advisory services. So far, the products have been designed only for my clientele.

3. I have 29 years of study and personal experience in nutrition, fitness and reconditioning. Three years ago I thought that after 1500 clients I couldn't learn more. Today I wonder how could I have been helping anyone when I was so inexperienced... Now I know that my improvement is a constant process and I want to pass on my experience to people beyond my clients, that is to the general public.

4. I have personally overcome the 15-year long digestive problems that have caused chronic inflammation of the small intestine. After the acute surgery at 35 years, I decided to find a solution myself, which I did. I decided that I would not keep all the knowledge about digestion for myself.

5. I have more than five professional manufacturing companies, in Slovakia and also in 3 other countries - including the United States of America. With them, I ensure the production of the highest quality and most effective raw materials, which I have managed to find and thoroughly test in my nine years of practice with design, manufacturing and use in my practice so far.

6. I will be happy if you try the products and help me to develop further affordable and functional products that have helped a lot of people for many years not only to improve their performance but also to complement what their body is lacking or support and accelerate recovery and recuperation period.

With love,
Ladislav Jankovič


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