Ladislav Jankovič

Health and Longevity Cabinet

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I am providing my clients with the complete fitness, wellness and anti-aging consultancy and service. We have successfully joined in our cabinet all the necessary therapeutic aspects, i.e. exercise, nutrition and general medicine. The care of the physical and mental condition is designed for more demanding clients. Especially for those of you who are serious about the change of the physical condition, health improvement and longevity and for those of you have decided to end up with the bad lifestyle.

I will certainly be happy if you get interested by my offer of services and my results. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me on my email jankowitch@jankowitch.com.

My work and mission is to improve your condition. I will be happy if I can help you.

I offer one-time diagnostics, corrections, therapies.

In case you are interested in our wellness and regeneration services, contact us in order to appoint a meeting or send us a brief subjective description of what you need to do with your condition and health. We will make you an individual proposal of your plan.

Best regards

Ladislav Jankovic

NDTV Academy

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